Turtle, turtle on the wall, who's the fairest one of all? Me, of course. My name's Shelley and where I'm from, you could call me a socialite of sorts. I'm an adult female loggerhead sea turtle released with a satellite transmitter on July 27, 2014 after nesting in the Archie Carr National Wildlife Refuge, Florida. I measure 89.9 cm in curved carapace (shell) length and 85.3 cm in curved carapace width. It's only natural that the Queen Bee (or more appropriately, Queen Sea) attends one of the hottest events of the summer, Tour de Turtles.  In my opinion, the Tour de Turtles is comparable to what humans refer to as a debutante ball. It is here at the Archie Carr National Wildlife Refuge where only the best of the best are introduced into society and race in a migration marathon for a special cause. Not only do I want to excel in this race, but it's important for me to raise awareness about the dangers of longline fishing. I think of the ocean as my runway and plan to swim through it with grace and poise during the Tour de Turtles. How can I do that if I have to worry about being caught up in longline fishing? Alongside me during this fabulous event is my elite sponsor Ripley's Aquariums. They will be cheering me on and helping me teach everyone about some of the awful threats sea turtles face. Thankfully for them, they've got a rising star on their hands. I've got my shell looking as glamorous as ever, I'm glistening in bioluminescence, and am ready to win. Hopefully there is a tiara rewarded at the end of all this. Au revoir, mes cheris.

I was named by my Sponsor, Ripley's Aquariums . Check out my marathon migration map, where you can follow along as I swim to raise awarness about the threat of Commercial Longline Fisheries to sea turtles. Please help me raise awareness about my cause by supporting me!

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